Welcome to Biotecnological Applications Ltd.

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BIOTECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS L.T.D. was founded on 1990 with main goal, the commercial use of the research, general knowledge and experience of it's members on the field of clinical chemistry.

The company produces in vitro diagnostic reagents for clinical chemistry under the brand name ''biosis'', for the determination of substrates, enzymes and electrolytes in biological fluids, applicable to a large number of chemistry analyzers available to the greek and european market like Cobas Mira® , Konelab®, Hitachi® 902, Targa®, Flexor®, Lisa®, Mindray® BS-200/300/380, Olympus® AU560, Ace®, Wako®, Prestige® 24i, Miura®,Chemwell®, Liasys®, ILab® etc.

Among the company's customers are the greek Social Insurance Organization, other public insurance organizations, public and private hospitals and labs all over Greece.